Products Brochure For Detailed Information


Compliance Standard:
Conforms to BSEN 39, TYPE 4 or AS1163
& MS 1462-2-1 :2010 PPS CIDB Requirement
Mill Cert: Provided
Embossed: TBA upon request
Packing option:
61pcs or 37pcs ( Steel Strapped)
Special Service:
i. Can be cut to the required size upon request


Weight: 4.59kg/m
Length: up to 6.4m (21ft’) available in cut length
Diameter: 48.3mm,
Material: Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel -EN 1024 ( used / Secondhand Scaffold Tubes condition )
Type: 4
Grade: S235GT


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Qty Product Code Weight Remarks
x Used Scaffold Tube 6.4m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-64 29.38
x Used Scaffold Tube 6.0m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-60 27.54
x Used Scaffold Tube 5.0m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-50 22.95
x Used Scaffold Tube 4.0m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-40 18.36
x Used Scaffold Tube 3.0m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-30 13.77
x Used Scaffold Tube 2.0m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-20 9.18
x Used Scaffold Tube 1.5m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-15 6.89
x Used Scaffold Tube 1.0m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-10 4.59
x Used Scaffold Tube 0.5m x OD 48.3mm x 4.0mm KR-UTUBES4-05 2.30