KR Scaffold Steel Board /Metal Decks are stronger and lighter version, which has a better load bearing and lighter comparing to the conventional timber board, so the steel board /metal decks are easier to install in access scaffold than the timber/wooden board.

All Scaffolding Steel Board /Metal Decks design with non-slip surface and good drainage for additional safety.

Made from Q235 steel as the primary material for production, it boasts a high capacity and triples the life span of scaffolding steel boards/metal decks for a competitive price.

There are hot dip galvanized and pre-galvanized steel boards/metal decks surfaces treatment provided an excellent weather resistant and prevent the steel board from corrosion with sufficient durability in harsh environments, in particular onshore and offshore facilities where salty air or long-term weather exposures are inevitable.

KR Steel Board /Metal Decks available in a range of lengths from 0.5m to 4.0m and have a depth of 38mm to 63mm and width of 210,240,225,230,250mm without hook, Steel Hook Board with Hooks are in sizes of 210mm-500mm width.